Cancellation & returns



(a)   A Buyer is not allowed to cancel/return the product once bought and consumed.

Cancellations will be considered only if the request is made before the delivery and

consumption of such product. Such cancellation or return shall be at the sole discretion of

the Company.

(b)   A product is considered bought if the customer does a final checkout by using cash on

delivery option or online payment option.

(c)   However, if the Buyer intends to cancel/return the product bought, he shall do it before

he consumes or uses it. Such cancellation/return must take place before the expiry of 7 days

from date on which it was delivered. In such cases the 20 Microns Ltd reserves the right to

return the money back to the Buyer. No Cancellation/Return is permitted after the expiry of

the said 7 days period in any case, even if the product is not used.

(d)   The Buyer who cancels/returns the product hereby agrees and accepts that the

statutory charges, taxes etc, payable to the Government or any public authority will be

deducted and shall not be paid back. The Buyer agrees to this condition and undertakes to

abide by the same.

(e)  Buyer understands that returning/cancelling a product at 20 Microns Ltd is an online as

well as offline process. Buyers intending to return/cancel any product (subject to satisfying

applicable terms and conditions stated herein) shall send an email (within 7 days of buying)

to stating the reason, order and product details. 20 Microns Ltd

shall contact the user online or offline to collect the bank details and to refund the money.

The Buyer shall be refunded the amount only after the receipt of the product by 20 Microns

Ltd. Such refund shall be made if 20 Microns Ltd is satisfied with the condition of the

refunded goods. The refund amount is determined after all deductions detailed in sub-

clause (d) above.

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