Softgels of Omega 3,6,9 with Flax Seed, Wheat Germ and Garlic Oil.
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 3 x 10 Softgels

Each Soft Gelatin Capsules contains:

Flax Seed Oil ( Linum Usitatissimum I.) A.B : 475 mg

Wheat Germ Oil ( Triticum Vulgaroe) A.B : 25 mg

Garlic Oil ( Allium Sativum) A. B : 5 mg

Base q.s

Preservatives: Methyl Paraben I.P : 0.1 mg

Propyl Paraben I.P : 0.01 mg

Dosage: One Softgels Twice a day with meals.


Flax seed oil which has essential fatty acid Omega 3 Helps to keep your heart healthy and take control of your cholesterol & Triglycerides.

Helpful to strengthen Immune system.

Normalise Blood pressure levels.

Boost energy and stamina.

Increase fat burning.

Promote blood sugar balance.

Enhanced joint comfort.

Support healthy kidney & liver functions.

Garlic Oil helps in lowering high cholesterol, reducing high blood pressure and supporting a healthy immune system.

Other key ingredient Wheat germ oil has Anti oxidant and Anti-aging properties.



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