My name is Ranjanben Shah. I am 57 year old with 87 kg weight. I was having very old problem of joint pain. I heard about Dia-B-Micron tablet but I was not sure whether non-diabetic patient can take it or not. Then once my Ayurvedic Consultant explained me that Dia-B-Micron is having only natural ingredients, I have started using 1 tablet in the morning and 1 in the evening. I am very happy now that I have reduced 3 Kg weight in just 6 weeks and now I have so much relief in my joint pain.
I like to share one more thing that it was too difficult for me to climb steps before, but Dia-B-Micron helped me to overcome with this problem as well.

Ranjanben Shah

Hi , I am Viral Baxi 50 years old living in Baroda Gujarat, I have been suffering from minor joint pain since long time.
Thanks to Dia-B-Micron which really reduced this pain.

Viral Baxi , Baroda

I am Lalit Ganeriwal from Kolkata. I am type-2 diabetic patient. I am taking Dia-B-Micron tablet few month ago, now my blood sugar is in control. Due to diabetes my frequency at night for urine is markedly reduced.
I suggest all my diabetic friends to start this tablet because this is totally ayurvedic tablet and no side effect is there.

Lalit Ganeriwal , Kolkata

My name is Mukeshbhai Patel. I am 43 years old. Before 4 year I was diagnosed with diabetes. 4 month ago my average blood sugar was 450-470 so our endocrinologist suggested if sugar is not going to control then I have to start insulin. I was taking higher dose of diabetic allopathic tablet.
When I discussed my problem with my pharmacy friend he suggested me to start Dia-B-Micron. Today my endocrinologist has reduced my allopathic tablet’s doses and so my sugar level is in under control. I am very thankful of Dia-B-Micron and also I requested all my diabetic friends who are having type-2 diabetes, must start Dia-B-Micron with their allopathic tablets.

Mukeshbhai Patel

My name is Jubedaben. My age is 62 years, I have had severe joint pain in my both legs since 6 years. I met leading orthopedics for the treatment of joint pain but all effort didn’t work.
Six month before my son gave me Dia-B-Micron tablet and suggested to start it. I was wondering that if leading orthopedics could’t relief me from joint pain how this tablet colud work. But I was wrong within 15 days of taking Dia-B-Micron as I feel some relaxation in my joint pain now. I can’t move legs before completely but after taking this tablet for two months, not only I can move my legs; but also I can sit easily, walk, climb stairs... thanks to my son who introduced me Dia-B-Micron and thanks to 20microns company also..


Hello , I am Stalin from Germany. I am diabetic and normally my blood sugar level was not in control even after taking glibinclamide and metformin. I started Dia-B-Micron along with my current allopathic tablet.
After one month when I went for check-up for diabetes, I could’t believe my sugar level was normal. It was suprising that slowly I have reduced my doses of allopathic tablets and today I am taking only metformin and Dia-B-Micron and still my sugar level is normal. I advised all my friends who have been suffering from diabetes to start Dia-B-Micron.

Stalin , Germany

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