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Dia-B-Micron tablets is safe and reliable herbal medicine for effective management of joint pain & helpful in sugar control.
The cases which poorly respond to conventional OHA (Oral Hypoglycemic Agent) Dia-B-Micron tablets are added to the therapy for more effectiveness.
Dia-B-Micron contains fenugreek (methi), Bittermelon (karela), ginger (soonth) & Eugenia jambolana (jambu beej).
Dia-B-Micron tablets are powerful to help in removing joint pain & helpful to for sugar control.

The antioxidants in ginger suppress cellular production of nitric oxide, a compound that produces toxic free radicals that promote tissue damage and inflammation. Research also shows that ginger reduces the production of pro-inflammatory compounds in the joints.

Bittermelon (karela) contains a chemical that acts like insulin to help reduce blood sugar levels.

Some studies show that bittermelon (karela) extract improves glucose tolerance, reduces blood sugar levels, and lowers HbA1c (a measure of blood sugar control over time) in people with type 2 diabetes.

Fenugreek (methi) seeds help in arthritis pain as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Seeds can be eaten mixed with food or taken as a capsule.

Research show that regular consumption of Fenugreek (methi) lowers cholesterol level. Reduces the level of LDL cholesterol significantly if used for a period of six months. It reduces the risk of heart attack by lowering cholesterol level. The powdered seeds can be taken as tablet.

Eugenia jambolana (jambu seeds) protects against stomach ulcer due to over-secretion of stomach acid. It has two times antioxidant properties compared to olive oil.
1 tablet in the morning empty stomach & 1 tablet in the evening in the evening before meal.
Since Dia-B-Micron is completely Herbal product, it has not side effects.
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