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Our exceptional product quality is equally matched with our excellence in problem solving capabilities and technical customer services. Also company is engaged in marketing and promoting various Ayurvedic products like Dia-B-Micron.


Dia-B-Micron Ayurvedic Medicine

Dia-B-Micron ayurvedic tablets are reliable and safe medicine for effective management of sugar control, joint pain & obesity. In the cases of poorly response to conventional OHA (Oral hypoglycemic agent), when Dia-B-Micron tablets are added to the therapy, it has helped in reducing joint pain and controlling sugar. Whether patient is diabetic or not, it helps in maintaining B.M.I as well as weight loss. Dia-B-Micron helps to normalize blood glucose levels. Dia-B-Micron improves response to the conventional OHA therapy, thereby helping in reducing the dosage and dependence on OHA. Buy Dia-B-Micron diabetes management ayurvedic tablets now to take a step forward for better health.

Dia-B-Micron ayurvedic tablets have powerful anti-diabetic, anti-rheumatoid as well as anti-oxidant properties which help to reduce blood glucose levels. Karela (bitter melon) extract reduces both blood and urine glucose levels; seeds of methi (fenugreek), which contain 80% of free amino acids present as 4-hyrdoxyisoleucine, which appears to directly stimulate insulin. Jambu seeds show excellent improvement in the health of patients who suffer from Type-II Diabetes, and rhizomes of soothe increase Circulation and bioavailability of drug.

Benefits of Dia-B-Micron


For Non Diabetic Patients - Treatment of Joint Pain & Obesity

1 tablet in the morning on empty stomach
1 tablet in the afternoon
1 tablet in the evening before meal

For Diabetic Patients

1 tablet in the morning on empty stomach and/or 1 tablet in the evening before meal


No hypoglycemic episodes. No unwanted effects are observed at recommended doses.

Route of administration:


Side and adverse effects:

Not reported.


Store in a cool and dry place. Protect from direct sun light. Do not refrigerate. If the above procedure is followed by diabetic patients along with our Dia-B-Micron ayurvedic micronized tablets, the result will be amazing and shall help to control diabetes, reduce joint pain, maintain B.M.I as well as weight loss which resulting in good healthy life and will avoid bad effects mainly on eyes, kidneys, foot ulcers and heart problems.

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